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Disclaimer of Liability*


1. Content of the website

The author does not make any representation or warranty as to the up-to-dateness, completeness, accuracy, reliability or quality of the information contained within this website. Any claims of liability against the author, arising out of either claims of a physical or intellectual nature, or the use or non-use of the information contained herein, are strictly precluded, to the extent that the Author has not demonstrated intentional misconduct or acted with gross negligence. All of the offers contained in the website are nonbinding and subject to change without engagement. The author maintains the express right to change, qualify, annul, delete or publish any part of, or all of the information contained herein.

2. References and Links

In the case of any direct or indirect reference to other internet sites or links which are outside of the Author’s responsibility, the Author can only be held liable in cases where it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent the use of the illegal site and where the Author is aware of the illegal content. The Author herewith expressly states that at the time of the link’s creation, there were no recognizable links to unlawful content. The Author has no influence over the creation of the actual or future composition, and content of any links, therefore the Author is herein distancing himself from any links that are or may be altered after the links have been created. This disclaimer includes, but is not limited to, all links or references that may be displayed on this website, as well as entries of third persons in guest books, discussion forums, and mailing lists set up by the Author. With respect to illegal, false, or outdated content, particularly when it results in losses or damages which may arise from the use or non-use of such information, only the provider of the linked webpage shall be responsible, not the individual that linked or referred to the information.

3. Copyright and Trademark Law

In every publication, the Author strives to use his own copyrighted material whether it be from graphic, audio, video or text compilations, or alternatively to use only license-free audio, video, and written material. Everything contained within the internet site and if applicable the protected trademarks (brand mark) and trademarks from third parties are subject to the conditions of the effective trademark law and the title of each registered owner. The Author is the current intellectual property owner of the material contained in the website. Solely because something is mentioned does not mean that is not protected from third parties under trademark law. The owner’s copyright for publishing material covers all of the Author’s work contained within the website pages. The reproduction or usage of any such graphic, audio, visual, or written material by a third party in other electronic or printed publications is strictly prohibited, without prior consent by the owner.

4. Data Protection

Insofar as the material contained in the webpage provides the user with the possibility of including personal or business data (e-mail addresses, names, or addresses), the relinquishment of such information by the user shall be given on an entirely voluntary basis. The utilization and payment of any services is, as far as it is technically possible and reasonable, also allowed without publishing such information or by rendering the information anonymous by de-identification or by using aliases.

5. Legal Effect of this Disclaimer of Liability

This disclaimer of liability is regarded as a part of the material contained within the internet site that refers to it. To the extent that a portion of the written material contained in this disclaimer (sections 1 through 5) is no longer applicable or legally correct, that portion alone shall be rendered ineffective, and all of the remaining applicable portions of this imprint remain unaffected and retain their legal effectiveness.

*) This English imprint is only a translation of the original German Impressum found on this website. In the event that a dispute should arise, the original German Impressum shall prevail in meaning and content. As the English imprint is merely a translation, Pant Legal shall not be liable for its contents.

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